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The Registration "13U-18U Advanced Pitching Development Program" is not currently available.






RBI Baseball Academy’s brand new, state-of-the-art, 12,000 square foot pitching facility will be home to the most complete and comprehensive pitchers development program in the area.  The “Advanced Pitching Development Program” features a uniquely designed, 4-phased approach to preparing pitchers to compete at the highest level come spring time whether it is your first year pitching on the big diamond or you are an elite Division 1 college recruit and everything in between.  This program combines a variety of training and teaching methods including both “old school” and “new school” techniques combining prior playing and coaching experience with some of the game’s newest and most profound technological advancements including Rapsodo Pitch Design Unit and more.  Pitchers enrolled in this program will be prescribed weekly programming to complete at our facility on their off-days with access to all of our training tools to ensure consistent progress throughout the duration of the program.  The path to success is not a straight line and our staff looks forward to seeing each pitcher through the peaks and valleys of pitching development! 
Phase I 
Each player will go through a one hour initial screen and assessments with our partners at East Coast Evo.  This assessment can assist our staff in pinpointing potential problem areas to address with corrective exercises that will become part of the player’s weekly programming.  Correcting these physical deficiencies can aid in the improvement of pitching mechanics without ever touching a mound or a ball.  During this phase, our athletes will learn our program’s standards for work ethic, attention to detail, and what it means to be a competitive pitcher.  Pitchers will be introduced to our approach to preparing our body to throw including myofascial release, full-body dynamic warm-up, and muscle activation.  This phase is also where we introduce our “base throwing drills” as well as alternative drills unique to a variety of pitching styles.  We look to get players throwing a few days per week to build a base having access to the facility to accomplish these throwing goals.  Lastly, pitchers will learn a proper cool-down and our recovery protocols to make sure that the body is as prepared as possible for your next training session.
Phase II 
After our pitchers have built their foundation both from a physical and throwing standpoint, we will expand on that base by adding more volume to our throwing program to build up arm conditioning while consistently maintaining attention to arm care and improving physical deficiencies.  During this phase we will also ramp up our med ball routine to get our pitchers moving like explosive athletes all while improving the pitching motion’s sequence.  Towards the back end of Phase II, pitchers will begin adding in “flat ground pitching” work at low intensities to start the process of developing an efficient motion, rhythm, release points, and pitch grips.
Phase III 
By this time, pitchers are physically prepared to begin increasing both volume and intensity with more extensive long toss and pulldowns.  Our pitching facility features 35 foot high ceilings and 75’ long bullpens which provide an incredible set up for indoor long toss.  During this phase, pitchers will establish a base on the mound throwing to catchers and targets looking to transfer their work in Phases I + II to the mound.  Mound work will always be supervised and guided by a pitching coach to establish goals of the bullpen and reinforce efficient mechanics.
Phase IV 
The final phase of the Advanced Pitching Development Program is geared towards preparing each pitcher to compete.  This time frame will include more high intensity mound work, pitch design and development through the Rapsodo Pitching Unit, and competition amongst the pitchers as well as facing live hitters.  It is at this phase where we will begin to educate our pitchers on how to transition out of the off-season program and into their “pre-season” or “in-season” mode.  This phase will vary greatly by age, physical maturity, and ability, but all players will continue to develop through their own individual plan. 
Join our professional staff this off-season and enroll in the RBI Baseball Academy’s Advanced Pitching Development Program today!
Program to be directed by Director of Pitching Development Joe Breen ( for more details!!!!

The Registration "13U-18U Advanced Pitching Development Program" is not currently available.

initial assessments and physical development programming now with 


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The Registration "13U-18U Advanced Pitching Development Program" is not currently available.


The RBI Winter Advanced Pitching Development Program operates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11/27 through 3/14, but pitchers will also be able to utilize the facility on Mondays and Saturdays during this time as well to complete their assigned programs.  

The first 4 weeks of the program (Phase 1) will be instructed by our physical development partners at EAST COAST EVEO and are designed to allow our instructional staff to be able to screen and assess each pitcher as well as to train and teach athletes how to complete their programs for arm care, mobility, strength, and more!.    The first 4 weeks will be in instructional group sessions where our staff will spend time with each athlete to ensure they are properly prepared to perform their programs in future phases. 

The RBI and EVO staff will be offering MANY sessions each week during phase 1 for pitchers to attend to ensure that each pitcher has options to choose from to attend during this phase. 

After 1/1, pitchers will come to their assigned time slot and train with our staff in a very small group setting.  These time slots will be assigned long in advance to ensure families can plan and prepare for this in their schedules.  At registration you will indicate what times work and do not work for your schedule.  If your schedule changes, we will be able to adjust it.   The instructional sessions will operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and each pitcher will train one of those days during the week.   However, each pitcher is welcome to utilize the facility 5 days a week regardless of when their instructional sessions is.

Once our pitchers are assessed and programmed, athletes will be able to utilize our facility 5 DAYS A WEEK to complete these programs, drills, etc.  Open facility times will be held Monday-Thursday from 3:30pm - 9:00pm and Saturdays (2 hour block) with our staff and instructors on hand to assist athletes directly in their programs.  

Once players have their base drills/routines/etc programmed for them in December, beginning in January pitchers will have "Bullpen" time scheduled where they will work in small groups or individually (Based on the week) with our pitching staff at set times but will have many different times to choose from between Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  If on a given week, that time slot needs to adjust, we will have flexibility to adjust.   

This schedule is PERFECT for those athletes that are competing in their winter sports like basketball, hockey, and more.  The flexibility is there to ensure you will be able to complete your programs!

Also during all phases pitchers will have access to the facility to complete their non-mound days.  The facility will be open to them 5 days a week for them to come in and complete their programs and routines. 


TUITION - $1295 with two payment options:
  • Pay in full
  • Pay deposit of $300 and three  additional payments of $331.67 on 12/1, 1/1, and 2/1 through our automated EFT system.  

ALL Programs (exact date based on day of the week you are training):

  • Start - 11/27
  • End - 3/14 (pitchers will have access to facility through March to perform their programs)
  • OFF DATES (These are dates instructional programming will not be available, but facility will still have access during these times for pitchers to train and complete their programming)
    • Between 12/25 and 1/1
    • Between 2/19 and 2/22

The Registration "13U-18U Advanced Pitching Development Program" is not currently available.