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The Complete Game Baseball Podcast

What is the Complete Game Podcast?

Hi Everyone, this is Chris Welch, General Manager of RBI Baseball Academy and host of The Complete Game Podcast.  Thank you very much for visiting our podcast page.   I'm very excited to begin providing you with interesting baseball content and I hope you love what you hear and let me know what you think.  My goal is to not only provide you occasional "Baseball 101" thoughts, but a more in depth look at many things about baseball that you may have thought about before, or maybe haven't.    I want to look deeper at certain topics that are often only discussed at their surface.  I also want to talk about success both on and off of the baseball field and I look forward talking with many people in many fields that can discuss their successes and failures as well as relate all of them to what they learned throughout their baseball careers, no matter how long or short they may have been. 

If you have a topic you'd like covered, please email me at or contact me on twitter @ CoachWelchRBI. 

Each episode has different segments and I'll provide you with the start times of each segment so if you're short on time you can skip right to the section you are most interested in.   ENJOY!!

EPISODE 1 - Preparation for High School Pitchers IN season, looking deeper into pitch counts, and tips for beginner youth coaches

Episode 2 - Preparation for hitters IN-Season, how to avoid those slumps, proper infielder position at the youth level, and how to truly do tee work